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A team dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Empowering communities to have a better future.

Generation Gives is a collective effort of professionals and volunteers deployed during disaster relief services who leverage modern technology, logistics experience, and a knowledge network to improve economic and physical environments through recovery.


Our current focus is on the small island of Vieques, Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.





technology and education


JAN' 18

Connecting Schools to Satellite Internet in Vieques, Puerto Rico 


Generation Gives returns to Vieques to light up the entire island with satellite internet, providing free internet to all the local schools with annual subscriptions to modern educational programs that the community has never been exposed to before.




how garmin helped us save lives 


Oct' 17

GARMIN Inreach locators helped us communicate after hurricane maria


When Hurricane Maria lashed through Puerto Rico, all means of communication were lost and infrastructure destroyed. Garmin InReach Locators have been used as a medium of communication all over Puerto Rico for coordinated disaster response. Read how Generation Gives used Garmin to help the islanders in Vieques.




hurricane mARIA


Sep 20th, '17

Generation gives dispatches to Vieques, pR with crucial items.


After the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, Generation Gives volunteers provided crucial internet services to turn on the first working ATMs, provided satellite connectivity to grocery stores, and distributed Garmin communication devices and other equipment to local aid workers.